Hello Maria, how are you? Inspired and electric, thank you.

This reply refers to how I feel for a while since I changed the course of my life. I feel inspired by many people and situations that surround me, and I consider that they are offering me the challenges and lessons that I need right now. And electric because I notice that I am vibrating with what is happening to me, and not everything is what many people would perceive as "good," specifically.

For a long time, I have lamented (and I have been the biggest victim) for events that happened to people around me or to me, my story so to speak. And now I see everything necessary; it is all inside. Actually, it fits and also, I feel like every day there is more and more room. There may not even be noticeable differences in the events: there are still sad days, discussions, stressful situations, people who might dislike me, or whom I might dislike, illnesses, odyssey, and accidents. Nothing has changed more than my way to see them.

The day I understood that the answer was within me was revealing, a significant step that I have to remember many times, but that feels every day more familiar. I can recognise if I have already stepped on that sticky mud or that trunk that just fell on my head again, ups. S*** happens. But living inspired and electric is very different from the drama of a personal story 24/7. Nothing is personal, and everything is vibration.

The tools that make me travel to this space today are meditation and yoga, accompanied by a conscious diet and always being open to continuing learning, accepting and healing. If you think that these tools can also serve you or you are curious, jump on the mat or sit with you! Yes?, whistle, I will be happy to guide you!

If I can do it,

you can too.

All the love,