Yoga is not about fancy headstands...

You can do gymnastics instead. If you want to explore more about what yoga really is, I’ll be posting different materials from sources that I have found interesting for you. From ancient philosophy to yogi jokes, let's explore together this practice and its endless connections with our lives.

Videos, articles, book reviews… enjoy it with a cup of good brew!

Here’s a Ted Talk that my mentor Aimée Senise Conners gave in 2011 about her personal journey. She wonderfully introduces the tantra philosophy (not sexual (.)(.) “tantra”, please!) behind yoga and emphasises how the practice is gaining mass appeal not by strengthening its students physically, but spiritually.

“Tantra invites you to recognise yourself as the Absolut and express yourself from an infinite rather than a limited perspective. It’s within your power to create the unlimited story of your life, starting today”, Aimée S. Conners.