What for some means almost digging the grave for others is just a boat ride. Everything is perspective, our own, and that's why we ever see reality as we are and never as it is. The day I integrated this sentence was a super-aha!

One of those who makes history, and it was not long ago. It was the year 2017, and we were embarking on one of the most transformative experiences for our family: the year we lived in Rochester (NY).

The month of January, as newcomers getting settled, was atrocious in terms of climate, cultural, social and political shocks. There were no people in the streets, not even sidewalks, and it was too cold for four Mediterranean butts, one of about ten months old. It was a contraction of our state, but I did not know that until the end of the year, where with the same conditions, place and climate we felt like happy fishies in the ocean surrounded by corals. Everything was great, and we did not even want to leave there. And what had changed? From a climatic, cultural, social and political point of view, not much. Trump remained surprising us with his eccentricities and delusions like the first day we arrived, on December 15th we were already living in a white blanket and Rochester City It was still a ghost town for which it gave a mixture of deep sadness and fear to walk at any time. So then, it is our experiences and our eyes through them that mark how we see reality, and therefore there are so many realities as we are people in the world.

Maybe you love bananas while my friend Alicia is allergic and, just because of that, your planets are going to be different. What for me is an article worthy of the Pulitzer award in the paper, for my son is a paper aeroplane, for my neighbour the bottom of the potatoes drawer and for my mother's cat the perfect place to urinate. I have always considered crazy to spend money on jewellery whereas some people practically live from that and for that. Not to mention soccer in Europe or football in the US. What is the reality then? All and none because we create it ourselves. How does it feel to know that we build our truth? A little relief?

It does comfort me because when I have become creative my life has been a full drama, a tragedy, a comedy, or the worst: a tragicomedy. But what amazes me of all those constructions of the reality that we make through our eyes is that we can also be conscious about it. And it is not the same to be in an unknown and distant place knowing that you are a victim of your human fears and insecurities. It's just humanness we call. And if we can be more aware of our state of contraction and expansion when it occurs, we might be able to go through that situation with more ease. When we stop identifying with our thoughts and feelings, the fluctuations of the mind, or Citta vrittis, we can experience clarity of mind, enlightenment. In the end is what we always seek through yoga: to swing towards balance. By learning how the pendulum affects us, it is possible to revert the flow of movement towards the other side always knowing that everything is impermanent, even us.