Classes (in English, Spanish or Spanglish!)

My classes are Hatha Vinyasa style inspired. That means that there are a flow and a connection between movement and breath in the different poses (āsanas). I love creativity, and I offer new sequences in every class from gentle to upbeat, from restorative to flowy, depending on students levels and times of the day. You’ll always find a safe place, a  themed class with music, a little meditation with breathing technique and a final relaxation in Savāsana.

After nine years practising in different studios in València and the US, I did a 200-hour teacher training in 2017 with my mentor Aimée Senise Conners at Midtown Club and at the yoga studio The Yoga Vibe in Rochester, (Upstate NY). During the training, I learned alignment of the āsanas, basic anatomy & therapeutics, meditation,

philosophy, restorative yoga, subtle body, sequencing, Sanskrit terminology, teaching methodology and the art & science of Vinyasa Yoga.

Inspired by my teachers and my Yoga Kula from Rochester, I am committed to bringing messages from my experience and the Yoga philosophy in each practice as a way of discovering our potential to healing and exploring our True Self. I very much believe that learning to move our bodies and minds skillfully through breath is an ever-changing practice and life path that everybody should be able to access.

My Yoga is for every body, do you have one? You are in, my friend!

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Until March 2020, I was teaching classes in La Sala de Estar (València). Now, with the arrival of the coronavirus in our lives, it is time to jump into the virtual world. I am offering online classes here to all those who want to practice yoga from home.

My classes are inspired by Hatha Vinyasa and are built flowing between postures (āsanas), creating a connection between movement and breathing. And I'm a fan of savāsana!

This is #YogaParaTodosLosCuerpos. Do you have one? You can join then!

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"Going to Maria's yoga classes gives me a timeout from the busy everyday life where I can recharge on energy and good vibes, and have that little space to reconnect and find myself. It's pure magic". 

- Randi HJ

"In Maria's yoga classes I disconnect from the world to connect with myself, and they feel like the 'sacred' moment of my week. I would love that this unplugging could take place more often, but for the moment that weekly hour recharges me and allows me to reflect and feel good with my mind and my body, it's lovely to get to know the practice from her."

- Ágatha A.

“I decided to start doing yoga in a period in which I carried pain on my shoulders, back, left leg and sacroiliac. With María's classes  I improved a lot, my body is healthier and my mind quieter than before. María makes you test yourself at your own pace, gives you all the tools to do the practice that your body needs. I have gained security, and I feel much stronger inside and outside. But above all, Mondays are no longer a bore. Instead, they have become my day, my moment ... Now, Mondays for me are a way to start full of energy the week and motivate myself”.

- Núria G.