Inspired and electric

Hello Maria, how are you? Inspired and electric, thank you. This reply refers to how I feel for a while since I changed the course of my life. I feel inspired by many people and situations that surround me, and I consider that they are offering me the challenges and lessons that I need right now. And electric because I notice that I am vibrating with what is happening to me, and not everything is what many people would perceive as "good," specifically. For a long time, I have lamented (and I have been the biggest victim) for events that [...]

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Against all odds, I can meditate

I and others have tagged me for so long as a nervous, overactive, jittery person that I had unquestioning faith in such affirmation. I thought I could never stop and sit. And I thought I was not able to meditate, no way José. How could I? I was wrong. I was so mistaken I can only laugh about it today. I am not what people think I am; I am not even what I think I am. What I am is not defined by the opinions of others or my own, and this has been a recent aha moment. And [...]

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I did not workout today, really. I just swam, run, and went cycling

What for some means almost digging the grave for others is just a boat ride. Everything is perspective, our own, and that's why we ever see reality as we are and never as it is. The day I integrated this sentence was a super-aha! One of those who makes history, and it was not long ago. It was the year 2017, and we were embarking on one of the most transformative experiences for our family: the year we lived in Rochester (NY). [...]

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A gift for you

As a child, I did not care much being a girl or a boy. Not because I did not feel more one thing than the other, but because I did not even think about it. Girl? Well, great, just what was the trend at home (we are three sisters). I was the perfect kid according to my mother. Mmm, scary! The turmoil of puberty and early youth years left me a bittersweet taste of my woman condition. [...]

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Why yoga and not zumba?

I have anything against Zumba, swimming, racing, Pilates or fencing. In my opinion, all these physical practices may positively impact people on many levels. However, there is a big difference: yoga offers an inward journey. That means disconnecting from the external world to observe how we are inside. It also intends to (gently) tell the mind to shut up for a while or, at least, lower its voice. If you have already lost interest in reading and you make an effort to stay with me, you will be overcoming the first of the fears: to know more. [...]

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1986. When God mended my sister’s bike

At the age of six, I distinctly remember falling off my sister’s Mónica green BH bike at El Perelló. I did not ask her for permission, and somehow a part of the frame got twisted. Sad and scared to my bones, that same night I asked God to step in: - Hello, I know you are busy with other important stuff, but I need you to fix my sister’s bike overnight, please! The following day I was more than astonished when I saw my sister happily riding her bike again.  God actually fixed her bike, he heard me and saved [...]

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