About me

When I close my eyes, I often see the horizon over Mediterranean waters. I lived in the UK, Belgium, and Upstate NY for a while and I learned that home is always where my heart is. Paella, and especially what involves the whole process, is a big thing in my life. Music is also a big thing in my family passing through generations. As a result, I happily sing for many years at the Alameda Choir in València). I love languages, communications and meeting new people. I understood why babies smiled so big in the morning when I realized that they go to sleep without knowing that there will be yet another day. And then they see YOU.

I so very much appreciate kindness and do my best to spread it in this world. (Sometimes) I am aware of being aware here and now. I often see me in other people’s eyes. I was able to see death and birth at once when my dad passed away, and I could still feel him every day until today. After 13 years working as a journalist and a content creator, I am starting to offer my version of yoga to my community because I can’t just keep it for myself. I am so happy to keep learning every day from life, other students, books and infinite sources. I have never been so excited and scared at the same time, and it feels so right.

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