As a child, I did not care much being a girl or a boy. Not because I did not feel more one thing than the other, but because I did not even think about it. Girl? Well, great, just what was the trend at home (we are three sisters). I was the perfect kid according to my mother. Mmm, scary!

The turmoil of puberty and early youth years left me a bittersweet taste of my woman condition.

The pressure on all of us having a f*****g perfect body, the outer life and the (obligatory) need to fit in shook me inside, and when I found out that a girl from my class was in the hospital with anorexia, my heart shrank. And there was no Instagram yet. I suffered too much without knowing why and I am still asking many questions. Today I love teenage Maria from a place of self- compassion and not from pity or drama as I used to. And that is yet a daily practice, of course.

I have learned a lot about myself and my strength every time someone or some experience has run over me in life. A toxic partner, a situation of abuse of power or any other kind or the experience of extreme deep pain is the best excuse to take the first step and start loving myself. Fifteen years ago, I decided that I deserved my love too. Like you do. Like everyone does. Therefore men and women must walk side by side for an equal world where we are born having the same rights until we die. And there is still lots of room to improve. And it all depends on how we educate our daughters and especially our sons. And nobody said it was an easy task, nope.

My women

Over time I have fallen in love with my condition as a woman because every day I admire more those around me and from them, I learn, and I feel that I grow up to touch the sky. Starting with my mother, who inspires me every second with her courage and unconditional love. My older sister and her incredible capacity of standing out alone in the midst of financial world; the enormous intellectual knowledge of my little sister, the love and generosity of many of my closest friends; the inspiration of the women that surround me in my different jobs. And their smiles. I feel that they are me many, many times, and I know that I am them because I am their reflect too. So we are one. A warrior of ease. And I admire each of you. And my 3-year-old daughter Julia is my master.

And we get angry; we cry, we fall, we suffer, we get up.

Yoga for every body

Nowadays, yoga does not make a distinction and benefits all people equally. It is a tool of life for us who choose it. The day I entered a yoga class for the first time I did not know that it would help me feel such joy inside my body, and almost for the first time in my life. To feel safe facing the challenges of life from ease, not being afraid for the first time in a long time, to breathe consciously and to want to sit with me instead of running away far. And that is a new whole way of living.

I want to invite you to sit with me on the mat and watch you, to know you, to discover your potential, your strength and your courage. To believe in you, to value you, to love you, to practice self-care and to dedicate the time you need to connect within.

Today you are invited to feel the amazing person you have always been in the body you have, without changing anything because you do not need it, because you are perfect just as you are. And because you deserve your time, your dedication and your love.

I invite you, women.

I encourage you, men.

I invite everyone.