At the age of six, I distinctly remember falling off my sister’s Mónica green BH bike at El Perelló. I did not ask her for permission, and somehow a part of the frame got twisted. Sad and scared to my bones, that same night I asked God to step in: - Hello, I know you are busy with other important stuff, but I need you to fix my sister’s bike overnight, please!

The following day I was more than astonished when I saw my sister happily riding her bike again.  God actually fixed her bike, he heard me and saved my neck. That’s AWESOME!, I thought for at least 10 more years. Then I started thinking that it was undoubtedly NOT Him but my dad or some other relative, of course, as they all got keys from our garage and also used to park their kid’s vehicles there. All the innocence, magic and faith was gone.

Now I am back again to 1986, and I utterly believe that it was the universe force in the form of my dad, or my uncle Juan or someone else who mended it. I got it right when I was six, and every time I remember the story I smile to myself and I understand the big picture. What we cannot control, and that is so much from our lives.

We are all connected, and our actions, the ones from our bodies, minds and spirits matter. And as we are all made of the same light, yoga brings awareness about our true divine nature and all the ways we can practice to keep it shining for the rest of our days. I wonder if I will ever be my kid’s or other people’s God someday. Maybe when I lost 300 € in Cuba back in 2003!